March 24th, 2021 – 910

I have my annual leave fast approaching. When I say “fast” I mean “in three weeks or so” but I mean, that’s closer than it was, a week ago? Can you tell my brain is melting? I’m not sure how obvious it is. I made the cataclysmic mistake I always seem to after long work days: sitting on the sofa before I’ve hit target. Dragged the day out as I more or less passed out on the sofa without actually nodding off, and well, yeah that made for a later target. It’s funny I talk about annual leave because in theory I can hot target early on any day. But the advantage of leave is I can focus on resting. Oh, and not getting ill. That’s assuming nothing horrible happens like the last time I took a week off.

TWO is steaming along at pace, and also proving a point. I do refer to my handwritten draft a lot, but more how I would refer to notes than how I’d go about typing up a verbatim handwritten draft. I think the use I get out of a handwritten version is more for structure, order and fleshing out of ideas. Those I genuinely find easier on paper, but I write much better on a PC and with more oversight of the structure too, namely being able to map beats out to the exact word. While I can do that in a journal it’s a lot more faff.

The Million Desk is entering production soon. I tried to look up what it’d cost to get a plaque to go inside the middle drawer, but for some reason that proved to be a massive faff. It’s not vital or anything, but it would be nice to commemorate it and 1K1K in style. It’s strange how that milestone is now the number of days away it used to take me to write a first draft. Weirder too that that was during 1K, and was a long, long time ago now. Time is weird.