March 21st, 2021 – 907

Another late post but I do not want to keep chaining short ones, so here goes for a more substantial entry. First off, I am writing late but it’s still 9 minutes to midnight here, so far from the worst full wrap on target. Second, I feel like what I wrote for TWO yesterday was so bad, I wrote today’s chapter in a style that means I can just delete the last one on the rewrite. It’ll sting to lop off 1,400 words but who knows, maybe I can save some. I’m not holding my breath, I was rubbish over this weekend.

The flat is starting to get untidy again, which is a frustration. The interesting thing about having one living space outside the bedroom rather than a whole seperate office, is that I can procrastinate by tidying between work tasks. Yes today was a Sunday but I work on Sundays. Actually I work every day of the week. Yeah, I just reread that too and realised that is a teensy bit of a red flag. That’s ok, that’s what this blog is for, I ramble for my Imaginary Readers and at times like a rubber duck I find the problems in my internal code. Turns out one of them is I should acknowlegde my workaholic status and do something about it.

The interesting thing is my productivity is awful at the moment. I think I’m on such low battery that I’m working round the clock to compensate, and not getting any energy back because, well I’m always working. It’s good to do a bit of work on something each day – it’s kind of the entire point of 1K, that doing a little at a time is healthy and helps keep perspective. Even so, I could afford to sanctify my weekends more. Maybe when I’m back in a real office that’ll work better. It could even be that I should consider going back into the office now, after a successful day last Thursday volunteering at the covid testing centre.

My main hang up is a selfish one: I really don’t want to risk getting the ‘long covid’ symptoms. But in a way, I’m getting all that brain fug by you know, never leaving the house and never switching off from work. Ever. One I need to think on…