March 19th, 2021 – 905

Today I hit 900 consecultive diary entries, which is a nice achievement and one made all the better by being before Midnight. Are you meant to capitolise midnight? I don’t know but I refuse to be consistant. I’ve also been working a bit on that video game brackets project Imaginary Readers will remember from the closing months of last year. And I think I will capitalise that from now on. But I will alternate spellings of capitelise apparantly. I’m clearly in an odd meta mood so I should go to bed already. But hey it’s good to be in good spirits. Finding out about Iain Pattinson did leave me feeling devastated, but I’ve managed to bounce back. How? Well funnily enough, thanks to his writing. The news ended up being the kick I needed to get back into listening to I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue when I’m down, something I haven’t done with any consistancy since Tim Brooke-Taylor’s death. I do not know how I coped without my ultimate source of comfort for a year.

TWO hit 63,000 words today. With an estimated final word count of between 86,000 abd 88,000 words, and a sprint to the finish of 3K minimum likely, I will finish some time around the 9th of April. Pleanty of time before my birthday. By then, fingers crossed, I may just be back on my feet. Here’s hoping.