March 13th, 2021 – 899

Ok real talk, I know I’m late to the party but who cares:

WHY DOES THIS WORK? Not just the beat but in a messed up way the beat too? It’s infuriating and at the same time it’s become my go to cheer-up track. Ceritified, bop.

Ok these asides at the start of posts are getting ridiculous now. I’m finishing up today’s quota of TWO and I can’tlisten to this while I do, so I guess call it me getting the song out of my system. Anyway, you may wonder why I’m posting when I haven’t finished writing TWO for the day, but I hit target hours ago with a mix of TWO and another project. And I also just kinda felt like blogging now rather than later so, I mean it’s my blog. No one reads this anyway I’ll do what I want. Devote the entire screen when you open the article to an absurd YouTube video sure, why not?

This week – I start mine on a Sunday – is the first one since October I’ve gotten 8 hours of sleep every night. Of note, I also got up at the same time each day, and I was in bed lights out before midnight each day too. That’s a great sign that hasn’t translated very well into the real world. Seriously, I’m on my fourth coffee of the day and I’m still tired, what gives? The whole deal with caffiene is it supresses your brain’s sense of fatigue or tiredness or whatever, I’m not a geologist, so why after a great week of sleep am I still exhausted?

It’s exercise, everyone knows it’s exercise, I know it’s exercise, there is no point in delaying the big reveal that not exercising enough makes you tired. So yeah I think I know the answer: I’m not exercising enough. Bet you didn’t see that coming, what a curveball. Ok ripping on myself for not fixing an obvious problen aside, I am a little unsure what to do to fix it. On the one hand I more or less answered that question: exercise more. On the other, I did today, and I am still exhausted. Aha, there’s your curveball, betcha thought you were real smart there bucko. What the hell am I talking about? I do this, I get tired, I get weird. It’s like I’m in ‘2am syndrome’ mode except it’s 10pm.

I did some maths on TWO today, when I wasn’t being weird, and I found out I’ve paced the book really well. Not only should I hit the wordcount I wanted on this rewrite, but the midpoint is at least within 500 words of the exact middle of the wordcount. That is satisfying in a way hard to put into words. It would be easier if I wasn’t such a hack of a writer but go figure. I’ve also been re-reading my friend Amb’s novel for them as a beta reader and by god, it is fantastic. I envy how they managed to get me welling up and emotional on the 6th page of the book. I cannot compete with that, so I guess, good thing I’m not competitive.

Ok I really need to write now…