March 10th, 2021 – 896

So I think I figured out what I’ve been doing wrong. My routine is in good shape right now, but I find I end up with a spike in fatigue when I make major changes. That’s all well and good, but when the wall of awful you are trying to power through with exercise is preventing me from exercising. That is a troubling oversight, and one that kinda fell into a mental blindspot. See, I’ve been using CGPGrey’s “Spaceship You” video as a way to model my new life pretty much ever since he posted it like 10 months ago, and I always try to prime my wellbeing with physical exersise. Rewatching it for the umptienth time today, I realised he says it’s easier than priming with the mental. He doesn’t say I can’t prime with the mental.

Writing aside, I have decided to take up a new mental hobby to try and have a neutral ‘mental exercise’ activity: pixel art. Not too much to show for it yet, but here is the desk I am hoping to get: