February 25th, 2021 – 883

So little things are changing. For starters, I have been in a bad habit of writing up my bullet journal at the end of each day rather than during as I went. Today I managed the former. I’ve been in a habit of doing my work from various different PCs and at times sitting in bed with the laptop when I just needed ‘comfort’ – today I managed to just work from my desk, which is helped by having a nice one at last, even if it is a dining table. I organised my finances after work – because that’s fun right? Actually, call me weird but I do find that fun, even relaxing. And I played some Undertale which is conventionally fun.

In all, I had a good day. I’m still tired, and still a bit out of whack, but all things considered, this is far closer to the me I want to be than I’ve managed since the accident. Still weird to think a sprained ankle caused this much disruption, but in a way it wasn’t the ankle; all the habits that being off the foot for as long as I was, rolling into a house move and a busy time at work created a concoction of chaos that in hindsight looks all but inevitable. I’m hoping that in a month’s time or so, I’ll look back on now as being ‘inevitably fixable’. It’s starting to feel that way, even if it is early days.

So TWO is progressing well, now closing in on 40K and soon thereafter the midpoint, which I think will be about 43K into this draft. Speaking of story beats, I’ve been editing WHT in tandem, and I’ve found my B Story starts about 7,000 words too late, so I have a lot of cutting to do. The way I do this most of the time is to take the early chapters and merge them up, so that the beginning is more snappy. Of course setting the scene matters too, and I need about 8,000 words of that, but, well this is where it gets awkward.

See what I really need is a Docs plugin that tells me where my story beats are, and then lets me ‘flag’ what they’re meant to be. Ideally it would then have a dashboard that said ‘All is lost is X words too late’. ‘The midpoint is Y words too early’ etc. Correcting the grammar so it doesn’t sound like, well like one of these blog posts, that’s important, but it’s not as important as a good flow. Anyone can fix grammar, but knowing what the right moment to punch your reader in the gut is, and when you’re meant to get their hopes up, and for that matter when to cut the poor saps a break, that matters. I know that, but it’d be great if I could denote it in a dynamic way that updated as I went.

I guess some day I’ll brave google-code or whatever their Javascript language is called these days and build that. Or someone already has and I’ll stumble across it, filling my heart with joy. If you’re reading this and feel like stealing it and making a fortune FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO IT. For real, I don’t need credit for the idea, those are cheap, you’d be being a life saver. And lord knows if I do it it’ll be shoddy and I won’t charge for it, and that’s not in the spirit of capitalism at all. Won’t someone think of the economy?

Ok, I’m getting weird again. Don’t say it, I can pretend I’m normal if I want to. Even if I do unwind by doing my finances…