February 24th, 2021 – 882

See told you, not even close to writing early. But I did have a more productive day, and I did also manage to write more than yesterday too so that’s a plus. Health wise, eh I’ve been better, the lack of sleep is catching up on me given I can’t drop off at night and keep waking up, but if I can get that under control the other health issues should go with it. I even made time to play some games tonight, notably Undertale which I finally got around to getting on the Switch as well. I gotta say, while the portability is nice, I really hope it’s one of the mouse-compatible Switch games. That game is damn hard with joycons.

Half way through the week, so just gotta keep my head and get to the weekend when, I guess I’ll sleep. I’ll try to anyway. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll come out the other side rested enough to feel myself again. I know I’ve been telling myself that for eleven months now, but it’s gotta be true some time. Right?