February 22nd, 2021 – 880

I had a bad day. Nothing I can’t overcome, but today I managed to get a help-email address to open at last and hoo-boy there is a lot to clear. It’s fine, I’ll clear it but damn, technical issues of Covid amirite? In all seriousness it got me down, like, bad, and I have not had the nicest of evenings under the anxiety of it all, even if it’s totally fixable and no one is on my case about it. I care about doing a good job and I hate when it feels like I’ve dropped a ball. It’s a knock to that fragile self-image we all have to maintain to some degree to function.

Truth is ‘functioning’ right now as you might have guessed isn’t so easy. I have been functionally overwhelmed, and yes still technically functioning, but I think my workspace at home is far from up to the task.

…Which is why I’m ditching this desk early. Ok, I don’t have a new one to replace it, but my sister used to have a table here and it’s about the size of the desk I want, so it’s gonna be my ‘trial run’ if you will, my way of seeing if I can make a desk of that size work in the space I have. I’m 99% certain I can and that I’ll love it when the time comes, but when you have the opportunity to test you’d be mad not to right? It’ll get here around 11:15 tomorrow so you know if I blog at like 13:00 it’s a miracle worker. I won’t, I’m sure it’ll be another 11pm blog. Even then, while far from perfect that would be a win. I just want stability, headspace and not to feel like I’m drowning anymore. Think another listen to Getting Things Done is in order too.