February 21st, 2021 – 879

It’s a shame I’m posting quite so late, though I have only now finished target so it’s not that unfitting. Even so today has been a lot better than those of late, my flat’s new tidy and clean feel helping me function and feel like I’m not drowning for the first time in a long, long time. I think I have to get through this week ahead in tact and move to earlier targets before I’ll call this even the beginning of a recovery for me, but it’s a great start in either case. Sleep is still not great but give it time to fall into place.

I’m really excited about the next steps for the flat too, as I am now in a semi-active hunt for my next desk. I am in particular looking for a partner’s desk – no not a Resolute replica sadly but it’s the next best thing – and I’m going deep. I’m not being lewd or saying I’m being super intense about it – though on the latter I kinda am – but the depth of the desk itself. The one I’m writing on is the basic standard, 50cm in depth and, well that’s not a lot for a multipurpose desk. If you’re just writing, 50cm is easily enough. If you’re using any kind of PC, you need at least 60cm for comfort.

So I’m looking for 90cm. No I am not joking. Just shy of a metre deep and realistically one and a half wide. I’m on the hunt for what you might call a big chungus, if you use horrifically outdated memes unironically. I do what I want because no one reads this and I am free to worship the big chungus in peace for all eternity, at least so long as I keep the payments up to WordPress. Money. Well. Spent. But yeah, I want to go big so that I feel I have room to breathe, and so I can spread out the various components of my writing and work. Also big partner’s desks are freaking cool and to be frank I wouldn’t be surprised if in time they make a big comeback.

I really hope this work week goes well. I’m all too aware that some email problems have really hampered my query response rate and that is not a good feeling. Best I can do I guess is go for a full night’s rest and, hope for the best.