February 15th, 2021 – 873

Today did not go well. Ok, so by the standards of the last week today was Christmas-freaking-Day but it was a rough Monday. Had some connection issues that kept me out of my emails for a chunk of the day – not fun when you’re clearing up a bunch of out of office backlog – and in general, felt awful. I went to bed plenty early, but as expected, I couldn’t sleep. That was bad, but then I had a package for a non refundable item arrive today – because it was a kit – and of course in my stress I messed it up. £30 down the drain, or more, £12 when I can be bothered to order replacement components. Oh and I also screwed up food shopping after work too, stress again, and bought a bunch of useless stuff. Like, within budget but I might have to do an actual shop at some point soon.

So at least TWO went ok. Right? You have, written already righ-of course I haven’t. Yay, another late night. Not too late, but I hate getting to bed after midnight on work nights. It’s nothing a few coffees can’t fix at 8am but that’s not healthy. Or sustainable for that matter, coffee is expensive. Honestly the biggest positive today was I finally got around to signing into this blog from my workstation, hence, an actual blog post rather than the stub-tripe I roll out when I post from mobile. I mean yeah it’s still tripe but it’s long tripe now. Long tripe sounds like the kind of thing you see on a menu before deciding to try somewhere else for dinner.

Oh right writing! So TWO is about to hit 25K as I said yesterday, and it’s not in the worst shape a first draft has ever been in. Granted that title is shared by TWR for being all over the place, and WAN for being good but morally reprehensible. but yeah even without those in the picture TWO feels good. It felt good when I handwrote it too, which I’m glad about as you might notice TWR and WAN were my last two projects before this one. I have been a little bit worried that my speed of output has increased at the cost of early quality. Early quality isn’t worth a lot, seeing as I’ll be ripping through all these books many times to get them seaworthy, but it’s still nice to not have that nagging feeling I’m getting worse at writing instead of better.

Oh on that note, we are now 36 days away from a pseudo-milestone of sorts. On March 27th, assuming a conservative 1,100 word average across the project and despite it only being day 909, 1K should definitively cross the 1,000,000 word mark. See, it’s not all bad. Course I have to not drown before the 27th but it is kinda neat to hit that on the 30-month mark. Gotta stay positive.