February 14th, 2021 – 872

Not the most romantic of Valentine’s days for sure – being cooped indoors will do that – but far from the worst, and as a day far from that either as I banked all of target with time to spare, meaning an ‘early’ night. I’ll take ‘lights out by 23:00’ as early any day, it makes a world of difference, especially on a Sunday night. Of course I’d be happier if the flat were tidy and inviting for the working week but we can’t have everything now can we.

TWO is a few paragraphs short of 25K, which means by my usual novel lengths this should be the B Story coming in to the second act. I think that’s kind of where it’s landed but I do need to play around with making my B Story more overt, as it’s still a little hard to pin down. My guess is I won’t nail that chestnut down until the rewrite but that’s ok, I got time. Plenty of it in fact, by this pace even a modest turnover would see the book typed by my birthday, and that’s assuming I narrowly hold my 1,100 average.

I only wish life were so easy to plan ahead and set milestones for. The situation at home is less tenuous now than it was but not by much, and though I’ll get an early night, there’s no guarantee I’ll sleep. But like planning a novel, all you can do is put the legwork in and hope it all sticks – or most of it – when showtime arrives. Well, that’s sort of tomorrow, so here goes nothing.