February 11th, 2021 – 869

So I can’t really talk about what’s been going on just yet, in no small part because I’m superstitious as all heck and I don’t like to inadvertently curse myself without meaning to. I know it’s dumb and that’s not how the world works but man right now, I’m happy looking like a nut case and not taking chances, not when loved ones’ wellbeing is at stake. So yeah, in a nutshell, I’ve still been a bit too tense to right the ship today.

The good news is taking two extra days off seems to have helped, and I may still be able to balance even that out; I may only have one day of unassigned leave left, but I booked the whole week of my birthday, and I’m open to revoking a few of those days to spread them out. I’ll work that out as and when I need to but for now, I’m focusing on recovery. Oh and on TWO, which is now well past the 20K mark on the type up. It’s a bit slow by my preferred pace but ‘9K in 8’ is still reasonable pace.

I decided rather than waiting for Stardew 1.5 on the Switch that I needed the distraction now, and though I haven’t seen many of the changes yet I’m yet again reminded why this is one of my favourite games of all time. In terms of simulation games I think it might just be #1, though it’s only real competition there is Civilization V/VI and Cities Skylines; bless Graveyard Keeper but it’s a bit too linear. So imma keep focusing on that for now and let the storm pass. Maybe the snow too.