February 9th, 2021 – 867

Well this is novel, it’s been, a very long time since I got my thousand words in the morning. I guess if I had any doubts that I needed to book some time off and get back in control of my routine, this is the answer to those. Moreover what I wrote feels much better than what I’ve pushed out on some of the later targets from this project so far. And I can’t tell you how nice it is to feel I’ve done all my ‘have to do’s before 10:00am. I’m going to post this at 10:10am per earliest-post tradition but right now it’s 9:47am.

So what changed, apart from the time off of course? Well to be blunt, putting my foot down about saying goodnight to people earlier. I think I’ve been making myself a little too flexible in when I’m willing to stay up until, and while I don’t regret that, I also don’t feel I can do that going forwards when this is what I’m giving up. I’ve always said my sleep routine is second only to 1K itself as my bedrock, and since August it’s been a mess. But I mean, what do you expect, The Wanderer messed me up that much. Yeah don’t read that book.

The flat is coming along nicely now, even if it still needs a lot more work. My dedicated WFH space feels a lot nicer than my old office, not least because the view is better, and I have easier access to coffee. On that note I’ve more or less entirely switched from instant to bio-degradable coffee pods, though I’d like to do more with my actual machine. Maybe that will become my ‘indulgance’ option, or I might just cycle between coffee types. Probably the latter, long time imaginary readers will know how fickle I am.

Also as much of a pain as I know it’s been to a few of my loved ones, damn if that snow isn’t pretty.