February 8th, 2021 – 866

Well, this is novel. It’s been, quite a while since I blogged this early. I checked in the bullet journal, and the last time I blogged earlier than this, or in fact earlier than 8/9pm, was the 17th, of December. Yeah I have not been coping over the extended ‘moving house’ window at all. But I mean what can you do, I had a ton of baggage, only some of it literal that I shifted around for the last two months as my brain devoured itself from stress. Funnily enough, this is why booking this time off was essential.

TWO is now at 18,002 words according to Google Docs. I started this type up on the 24th of January, so that is +2,000 words over target. That’s far from my best rate but it’s a heck of a lot faster than me at my worst, and does if I seperate two lots of 8 days see the 24th – 31st give me +1,000, and the 1st – 8th give me +1,000. You know why that gives me hope? It’s a pattern, and a sustainable one that gives me 1,100 words a day on average across a month. Which is all by way of saying: I think I’m recovering.

This year ahead is gonna be tough, and not all of that is bad-tough. My new project I’m being so cryptic about despite no one reading this blog is one string, but I’ve delved into UpWork too, and I’m pushing myself at work to set up a new organisational system. I like challenges, and I like figuring out problems. I just hope the world around me here on out is a little less on fire as I do.