February 5th, 2021 – 863

My first day off of six, and to no one’s surprise I slept through most of it. I have been hacking my sleep to the bare minimum because I’m too out of sync to be efficient, but this should give me a chance to fix that. I far prefer to use holiday for this rather than for ‘getaways’, which is good because it’s not like there’s any getting away on the table right now.

I’m going to be doing a few small writing jobs over the weekend itself too, but TWO as my main focus has to move up in the day. Today is a late writing day but tomorrow may not be. It’ll be a struggle but if I can get an early evening target at minimum, then by Thursday when I’m back at work, I should be back under control. Of course, I’ll be working without internet for much of that, which normally would be fine but in lockdown? Eugh.