February 4th, 2021 – 862

Well it’s finally here. 1K started out 862 days ago today, and to say that the new flat was a major factor in its success would be an understatement. I adored that flat, and honestly would for a long time have liked to just stay there. But even I’m not so stubborn I’ll ignore when a decision is a no brainer. I might not have the new place how I like it yet, but it’s so much better. A view is nice and all, but aside from being clean and modern – which this place is too – that was it’s only selling point.

Still, I do think had I moved somewhere else, 1K as I know it wouldn’t have come to be. Maybe it would have just taken longer, or even taken a different form. I guess that I’ll never know. All I know for certain is that Westmorland Court was a godsend. It’s weird to be able to just, post the building name. Granted technically I shouldn’t, it’s still private information about me but, less vital than it once was.

I thought I’d be more emotional, but the truth is today was such a rollercoaster for any number of other reasons that it’s hard to even remember. But as I sit here, writing this at 23:58, with less than two minutes on my lease remaining, I just wanna say one thing.

Thank you Westmoreland Court. I really do feel I wouldn’t be where I am today without you, even if I will never see you again.