February 2nd, 2021 – 860

Canonically it’s Heather Aislinn’s birthday today. It’s a date I picked for a number of reasons, and one that’s been significant in my own life time and time again. Really it bears no actual plot significance, but it’s a nice feeling to slip in the occasional detail like this, even if it’s small. I’m glad to have something special to write for today because the last few posts have felt a bit samey.

Struggling with life, trying to get back on my feet, need to write earlier, proceeds to fail to write earlier again. I’m not feeling like I’m in a tailspin but I am functionally overwhelmed. Going to ask about booking some annual leave and using that to get back in sync. But at least writing is still going well. +10K typed of TWO and it looks like the second draft will gain about 10K words on top of the handwritten one. A lot of editing in my near future.