January 21st, 2021 – 848

Starting to get a grip now, but today was moments for far more than getting in target relatively early and getting things done at work. I’ve finally worked up the nerve to apply for freelance writing jobs. Only on one site for now to make it easier to track for tax purposes, but that’s a huge step forwards if it sticks. That’s all money I can put into a little business venture I’ve been mulling for a long time now and might be able to make a reality.

TWO is going well. Tomorrow it’ll hit 80,000 words, which means we are absolutely on the home stretch. It’s not that I’m in a rush to get beyond this book, but rather I’m keen to get back to typing as I find it so much less stressful. That all said, I’m really glad I stuck to my guns and now have handwritten versions of the core trilogy that show my growth as a writer. I’ll always treasure them. The future hasn’t looked this bright for a long time.

January 20th, 2021 – 847

What’s his face isn’t president anymore. Ok that’s disingenuous given the sheer number of books I have read about the man to call him that, but I’m keen not to SEO that thank you very much. As if I do any SEO on this site. I, probably should. Well it’s 23:43 as I write this, I sat down to write a while ago and I was super productive.

[link to the artist(?) Juan B Juan – http://juanbjuan.blogspot.com/2010/05/treefolk.html]

So Olbark is my answer to no squirrel producing legendary creatures in Magic, created on a whim from a friend’s suggestion. I am seriously proud of him, and may be getting some custom art commissioned so I can use him in tabletop Commander. Oh what’s that? You thought I meant writing productivity? Ha. Haha. HAHAHAHA NO. Of course not, that was what I was meant to be doing, silly imaginary reader you.

Seriously I have been in a bad funk of procrastination for far too long now. I’m sitting down to write now but I need to rebuild my early writing habits. They all fell apart in the move. I’m just lucky 1K is far too resilient for that to be a risk. But my sleep schedule? I can’t remember the last overnight 8 hours I got…

TWO is in the home stretch, but the home stretch is hard. Guess I should get back to it…

January 19th, 2021 – 846

Target moves earlier and earlier as I start to get a grip on my life again. I should be happy about that, but man tonight’s scene tested me. Fun fact, planning a major unpleasant story event over half a decade in advance doesn’t make it hurt any less to write it. Not that fun a fact I guess. Childish maybe, it is just a story. ‘Cept that’s disingenuous isn’t it. TWO is not a happy go lucky book. At least, I feel I’ve gotten it right.

January 18th, 2021 – 845

I’ve been doing a fresh edit of TUS as I start to pull down all my content from WattPad and I’ve noticed something in need of work: a lot of TUS’s chapters are way too short. I think what this might take is a process similar to my current planning one, where I identify every scene, lay them out and group, merge, order and cut as needed. I’m sporting a lot of areas for improvement.

And that’s a good thing. After all when I’ve tried sending off TUS before now it’s gone nowhere. If I’m seeing issues, it might show I’m closer to the threshold of being publishable in some form, albeit I’m now eyeing the benefits of self publishing ever more. If I can finance my own professional edits and marketing materials, there’s not much reason not to go down the Amazon marketplace route. It also does allow me creative control, though of course I need to be strict in my quality standards or that’ll just look amateurish.

Is this going to be the year I find my feet as a writer? Eh, probably not what with covid and all but I have a plan, or at least the beginnings of one. I’ll take that right now.

January 17th, 2021 – 844

I replayed Curse of Monkey Island to the end today and it’s official, I do now love it. It took me a while because I came to 3 late and knowing about the lack of Gilbert soured me on it. But looking objectively and accepting that it’s not the original vision for 3 but still has value, I’ve come to treasure it. I’m so excited for the special edition from Limited Run, and I even have a whole shelf saved for all the parts, except the posters, those are going on the walk behind my sofa.

So writing, TWO is at 75,600 words right now and will soon enough when I finish target break 76K. I’m ‘bringing it in for a landing’, albeit with the action filled final confrontation less than 2,000 words away now. I’m a bit nervous because this is one of the rawest parts of the series, and the darkest too. It’s going to shake me up a bit writing it but that’s normally a good sign I’ve written something of value. I’m looking forward to having it finished, though at least in part that’s so I don’t have to handwrite target for a long, long while…

January 16th, 2021 – 843

I may have a new plan. Ok so the immediate plan is get the flat how I want it and finish the move, but on the horizon I may have just secured an agent of sorts. It’s more of a partnership where they find writing jobs and we split the profits, which is A-OK with me. If it ends up working out, I’ll be putting the money raised minus tax towards self publishing as a route. I don’t care if it’s not the most profitable direction, I’d rather have more control over the direction.

For now I’m chilling replaying Curse of Monkey Island, a game I really want to learn to love. It’s the only Monkey Island title that I still have some misgivings about, but honestly on this playthrough so far I think it’s starting to click, which is fantastic as it means I can do start to end playthroughs of all five now. I’m going to do my writing soon and just try to unwind this weekend. Lord knows I need it…

January 15th, 2021 – 842

This week was a slog, and this weekend is going to be pretty crucial in righting the ship. There’s a lot to sort in the flat, and a lot of the last ‘closing of one account, opening of another’ style tasks still to do. I’m doing that on low batteries and with more than a few added pressures that, well I could do without but are self imposed. Money will at least be easier going forward.

TWO is now at 73,000 words, so with target today and tomorrow I should get to that magic 75K mark. Yes it’s arbitary and it’s 5K more than the standard ‘novel’ cut off, which is also arbitary but hey, what are standards but arbitary norms? Doesn’t mean they aren’t useful. And the big 75 is a psychological barrier to breach that helps a great deal. From here it’s very much home stretch as I’m into the 3rd act. Keeping a level head is going to be key.

January 14th, 2021 – 841

I’ve not been in a fantastic way this week, and I think looking back I’ll see this as the “fallout week” of 2020 plus my house move. On a positive note and assuming I’m not ill tomorrow, I’ve still worked through it without falling behind, I’ve kept writing as I was, and I have managed to do a bit more unpacking, though I’ll need to make this weekend a bit more productive.

Speaking of productive, as with November and December my excess wordcounts have been less than amazing. I’m starting to think that’s not my mood however; handwriting just lends itself to smaller targets. This book has been easier to write than TWR, but significantly slower. It’s not a big deal, but I do need to try to right the ship all the same.

I may have to wait for a stable world before I experiment with handwriting again. I look forward to sitting in a cafe for a few stolen hours and handwriting a short story or two. One day. This isn’t forever.

January 12th, 2021 – 839

A late night but at least one with target all done. My routine is still a mess and I gotta edit before bed still but I’m getting there, slowly. Keep my head down and plough ahead, that’s the best strategy right now, and hope for more early nights. I can’t believe this counts as “early” right now…