January 26th, 2021 – 853

I have missed typing target so much it’s unreal. Again, I’m glad I typed TWO’s first draft, no ragrets as they say. Old meme but I’m an old fart so eh. The day has gone well, I’ve even done about 5,000 words of a comission for a friend. Sounds impressive but while I still strive for quality it’s always easier writing for someone else. Still it’s nice to be back at top form again, and to feel a lil more in control. Unfortunately I slept badly last night, so I really need to fix that tonight.

TWO is shaping up well and I’m pretty confident about the rewrite on the whole. The re-edit of TUS is going pretty smooth as well and I’m hoping to get my beta reader/first editor to get the red pen all over it soon. So all to play for, and a happy end to January. I just hope this is indicative of the year’s trajectory. Excuse me if I don’t hold my breath just yet.