January 22nd, 2021 – 849

So I finished copying all the up to date story content back from WattPad to Google Docs today. To be clear, for the immediate time being it can all stay on WattPad, I might even leave it there and update the first three books to match later iterations as I polish and pay for edits. But as of today, I’m done pushing for WattPad. I’m also leaving the writing servers, though calling them “writing” servers is a stretch. They were, pretty much useless, because no one seemed all that interested in well, writing.

Am I sad to be closing the door on this after almost two years? I mean yeah kinda, but I also never enjoyed it so much as I did in the first couple of months, and then found the whole friends experience a bit superficial after that. I’m a bit of a loner introvert as much as I try not to be, and that didn’t help either. So yeah, I’m leaving the banner up, but I’ll probably copy down the TSS chapters and short stories, hide the former and just, leave it there as is I guess. Maybe if I write short stories in future I’ll post them there. Who knows.

I’m being a little cryptic about my next steps, but to avoid keeping my beloved imaginary readers on tenterhooks no, I’m not negotiating a book deal. In fact if all this goes as planned, I may never do that. It’s going to be, interesting to see if this project sticks. I’m a bit nervous, but also excited. And moreover, I’m shattered. Catch you tomorrow my imaginaries.