January 21st, 2021 – 848

Starting to get a grip now, but today was moments for far more than getting in target relatively early and getting things done at work. I’ve finally worked up the nerve to apply for freelance writing jobs. Only on one site for now to make it easier to track for tax purposes, but that’s a huge step forwards if it sticks. That’s all money I can put into a little business venture I’ve been mulling for a long time now and might be able to make a reality.

TWO is going well. Tomorrow it’ll hit 80,000 words, which means we are absolutely on the home stretch. It’s not that I’m in a rush to get beyond this book, but rather I’m keen to get back to typing as I find it so much less stressful. That all said, I’m really glad I stuck to my guns and now have handwritten versions of the core trilogy that show my growth as a writer. I’ll always treasure them. The future hasn’t looked this bright for a long time.