January 15th, 2021 – 842

This week was a slog, and this weekend is going to be pretty crucial in righting the ship. There’s a lot to sort in the flat, and a lot of the last ‘closing of one account, opening of another’ style tasks still to do. I’m doing that on low batteries and with more than a few added pressures that, well I could do without but are self imposed. Money will at least be easier going forward.

TWO is now at 73,000 words, so with target today and tomorrow I should get to that magic 75K mark. Yes it’s arbitary and it’s 5K more than the standard ‘novel’ cut off, which is also arbitary but hey, what are standards but arbitary norms? Doesn’t mean they aren’t useful. And the big 75 is a psychological barrier to breach that helps a great deal. From here it’s very much home stretch as I’m into the 3rd act. Keeping a level head is going to be key.