January 10th, 2021 – 837

I, didn’t really end up sleeping last night. What’s odd is I don’t feel all that rough for it. Granted I still need to hit target and that risks a late night that might come back to bite me, but all told I’m feeling pretty chill. I got my Google Homes and Chromecast set up today, and with luck it should be easy enough to sort new internet soon too and reformat them. And tomorrow I should be able to start a new project.

I’ve got a Pi-Top Ceed I haven’t used for a while that I’ve been meaning to set up for a new project, that being a ScummBox with a pinch of GrimE and some TellTale Tool. The latter is going to be a little bit of a stretch but an interesting challenge, as I want to get Tales of Monkey Island running on it too, given it’s actually my favourite of the series now. I’m hoping it’ll give me a nice neutral outlet for downtime and improve my Linux skillset.

So yesterday I edited chapter One of WAN. That was enough to screw me up so I’m skipping that dumpster fire and editing TUS today, as I pull my books into Google Docs from WattPad. I haven’t posted on WattPad in over a month, and to be honest, I’m probably done with the platform. I just don’t enjoy it that much, and while I’ll leave my books up I think I’ll look to other distribution methods instead. Could be the excuse I needed to sort this website at last.