January 7th, 2021 – 834

Another long day, but a productive one, both at work and then after as I cleaned the apartment. Bad news is isn’t the one I’m living in its the old one but hey, the new place will be clean, you know, eventually. Would be clean a lot sooner if I stopped getting McDonalds delivered. Unironically that is so fantastic to get delivered for lunch when I just can’t. I do still need to eat more actual food though.

I’ve chained a week’s worth of bad night’s sleep and today looks like it’ll continue the trend. Honestly, I may just sleep through Saturday, and not begrudgingly either I would love nothing more than to do that. You know, apart from writing of course. And speaking of writing – took long enough for a supposed writing blog – I think I fixed TWO’s pacing. The end result is a much deeper dive on a cool area of the story and I feel more confident about the structure. Final word count, might be 95K.

To be clear: if it is 95K that’s fine. I may easily cut 10K. I may decide I can live with upper end of my usual range; WHT is still 110K and that’s doing just fine. But it does mean my sift deadline of the end of my old tenancy is gonna be tight. And, largely meaningless given I’m now moved in. Hm.