January 2nd, 2021 – 829

Actually did some packing today. Not a ton of it but a meaningful start, all nonessential clothes, some ornaments, all my copies of Monopoly and I made a plan of action for the rest. It’s proving, kinda hard, if only because I’m so tired that the drain of taking apart my home is, well a bit much. Just glad I’m going to have some help tomorrow.

TWO is a good story, maybe even a great one with enough work which it’ll get, but man I’ve written a lot of back to back heavy books, and truth be told the entire rest of the series with the possible exception of The End of the Line is. If I wasn’t so keen to have the whole series to work with and lift in unison as soon as possible I’d jump to A Planet Named George now. That’s going to be a delight. But I am at least feeling more confident in my work in general now.

Sorry about all the melancholy posts. Don’t know exactly who I’m apologising to, though granted apologising to myself isn’t the worst shout. I’ve been very hard on myself this past year when without 1K I’m not sure I’d have even survived it. One too many close calls. Now I’m moving in the middle of a pandemic so that’s more stress, even if I am accepting as much help as Tier 4 allows. But honestly, I’m just tired. So tired.