December 24th, 2020 – 820

An earlier target, some semblance of normalcy due tomorrow if skewed by seeing people more through Zoom than face to face, and at least by dint of my support bubble I will see some people face to face, even if by some I mean 2. Man this year has been weird. Everyone is going through this and it makes me wonder if the conventional wisdom of ‘life will just go more or less back to normal after all this’ is actually true.

TWO hit 50,000 words today so that’s a huge milestone. I re-counted the whole manuscript as a warm up today and with 864 words I hit the “magic” number, then finished another 166 for good measure to hit target. I say “magic” as it’s a meaningless milestone, but it still feels surreal to handwrite 50,000 words in 46 days.

Granted, that’s actually quite slow by my usual standards, just over a thousand extra words every twelve days. Typing I’m closer to every five days. I don’t think I’ve been making enough allowance for now much more taxing it is by hand, and how I have had that on top of the mess we’re all going through in some form. So, I am actually giving myself a present: the gift of not beating myself up for writing slower right now. This is an important book to me, it’s more vital it’s written than it’s written fast.

Last year, I wrote myself a private piece where I captured all my memories of the day in a Google Doc. I actually got target with that alone, but I then also did a thousand words of TSS to keep my ‘thousand words of story content every day’ chain going, which is now two days shy of 14 months strong. I think I’ll try to do that again, and I’m sure it’s going to make for a curious comparison.