December 16th, 2020 – 812

Slept on the brackets idea and to be honest it could be a nice reprive for the closing month of TWO 1.0, so no promises but it’s looking plausible if nothing else. I switched 6 and 35 for more interesting match ups and so my final results matched what I feel is an accurate representation of my favourite games. It’ll be fun to pick apart why I love them and to see what I can learn for my stories.

A chapter and a half from the midpoint now and the book is roughly 41,000 words. That’ll make the midpoint 44,000 words, and a final wordcount of 88,000 for the first draft. I’m pretty chuffed with that, more or less spot on with my original intention without feeling like I had to pad anything. The next chapter is going to be, tough. But I’ve been psyching myself up for it now for years so no time like the present. Still, glad I’ll be writing most of it on the Christmas break.