December 15th, 2020 – 811

So in my never ending quest to procrastinate from writing when I haven’t in the evening, I’ve come up with a cool mini project I want to start in January. Basically, I want to really find out what my favourite games are, and unlike you know, a normal person, my immediate thought was of course, bracket:

So that’s 31 individual head-to-heads, which conveniently enough matches the number of days in January. So I’m thinking what I’ll do is write a little article, either as an appendix to blogging or more likely with a standalone searchable tag, and put these games of my life against one another vying for my love. And boy is the first match up a doozy: Magic Arena vs The Secret of Monkey Island. Just looking ahead I can see they only get tighter.

Writing is, going. It’s not gone today yet but it will, though in all honesty I should have done it hours ago. I want my darn AM targets back! But as Friday is the last day of term, I guess there’s a chance I can fix it. We’ll see. The story itself is going well at least. About to build up to one of the most significant moments in the series, so that’s neat.

“So that’s neat”? Way to sell the hype…