December 11th, 2020 – 807

The weeks are all a bit too long at the moment, but I can at least pass out for twelve guiltless hours now. True what I need is a regular sleep schedule but the sure ain’t happening in the short term. Life moves by fast and I have so much I need to do. Writing is at least one thing I can control, and I am now about 35,000 words into this project, so well over a third of the way home and closing in on the midpoint.

So I’ve kinda said this already, but handwriting during extreme lows is not a good idea. TWO was always going to get a handwritten draft, it had to, the journal’s been waiting five years for me to get my act together, but I think handwritten drafts are a luxury to work towards, not a part of the grind when the road is already caked three feet in mud; it’s hard enough to slog forwards as it is. But not much longer. And it’ll all be worth it, as I think this book’s gonna be a good one.

Also really need to update WattPad…