December 4th, 2020 – 800

Not the best I’ve felt at a 00 milestone. I mean, it’s damn impressive, 800,000 words I’d impressive on its own. The fact that it’s actually well over a million by this point is pretty gratifying. Heck I could say given the raw maths would be a pain to work out that I’m at that mark right now, 1,000,000 words. Of course the real 1M mark is on, well 1M, June 22nd next year. Heck this apocalypse might be over by then.

My confidence in both TWO and TFS is growing, so that’s a plus. My confidence in my own mental health, well that’s pretty much non-existent now. It’s, kinda a miracle I’m only crashing this hard now, and gratifying that I can feel like my chest is going to collapse, the whole world to somehow get darker and thoughts that this might be the halfway point are going to finish me off, and I write every damn day regardless.

You know what, I take it back. I feel good. 800 days. On day 8 of 1K I almost broke under the worst migraine of my life to that point, and this is like that times a hundred. If I can get through this then what can stop me?