December 3rd, 2020 – 799

Verge of day 800, verge of climbing out of my rut, starting to feel human again but it’s taking a long time to do. I’m still back to writing late, still dealing with a work backlog, but slowly I’m starting to find my feet again. It’s a tough barrier to breach but I want to so bad that I think I’m going to soon. The wall of awful is starting to crack, even if it’s not quite crumbling just yet.

I’m closing in on the end of TWO’s first act, so that’s a positive I’m trying to focus on. I am also editing TFS, but unlike TSS which I’m uploading now, I’m not filled with confidence rereading this one. I picked a different genre and type of story for each book to decide where I wanted my niche to be, and I don’t think mystery and investigation is that genre. Kinda funny given I tried this quirky writing analysis app that told me I write like Agatha Christie. I dunno about that but I don’t share her gift for mysteries.