November 23rd, 2020 – 789

Why is six afraid of seven?

Geddit? Because it’s day, you know what never mind…

So I actually wrote about 2 hours ago, and we’ll before my usual midnight rush to blog of the last few days. This is preliminary but I think I’ve found a technique that, if not guarantees earlier targets then certainly creates a better framework. In part I’m cautiously optimistic because I pulled this off despite being emotionally exhausted. It’s been a wretched old time of things lately, and I am quite keen for it to stop being that way very soon.

Screwy emotional states aside, I’m optimistic in general about the pathway forward from here. I know we’re still in semi-lockdown and that there’s plenty of stresses to clear yet, but I am gradually starting to adapt to home wiring better. I have a home office readjustment in the works that might help out there, and I’m also quite keen on applying new rules to more overtly seperate parts of my living space, so work both happens in and stays in its own place.

TWO is coming along well, clearing the 16,000 threshold with ease and well on the way to a potential 18,000 tomorrow. Even if that doesn’t happen, I’m still pretty darn pleased with how it’s gone, and how the pacing appears pretty stable. It’s still the build up chapters bit there’s already a lot of excitement and drama up front, and it only gets more so in my planning. It’s much more of a natural flow than TWR was.

Speaking of TWR I have decided on my current editing plan: I’ll reread it after TWO and then gut it. If that takes away half its wordcount so be it, but I think that’s the best solution for the lack of focus I’m worried 1.0 has. In a way it was what a first draft should be: all potential and no polish. Thinking about it like that makes me feel better about the book as a whole.