November 20th, 2020 – 786

It has not been the most, productive of writing weeks. Ok so yesterday I managed to bank 1,150, and I may stay up and bank over that today, but the average kinda doesn’t lie: 1,072. 1K is Enough, always will be, but a soft average – one that fluctuates a fair but but where the mean long term matches the average short term – should be 1,100. I’m actually considering graphing it because I’m pretty sure I can draw that graph with no raw numbers.

Lockdown 1 – lots of energy and my heightened adgitation made for karge-ish wordcounts. Later, The Wanderer pushed me to a project average of 1,300 a day, which is half way to NaNoWriMo speed.

Intermission – The Whispering Rail, and a story I didn’t realise would dredge up a lot of unpleasant memories of university. Health deteriorating along with no deal fixed plot before I began writing, project average of about 1,040.

Lockdown 2 – burned out from the constant changes, possible house moves and launching into a handwritten book for the first time in over a year. Average of as above, 1,072.

And the thing is, that’s why I’m optimistic. I feel wretched right now sure, but I’m gathering momentum again. I have to remind myself that I wrote WAN as fast as I did because I despise that book, no kidding I got as much done as fast as I could. 1K is a marathon not a sprint. I may sprint to the end of books, but a thousand words to maybe later edit and mold into something worth sharing is and always will be the goal.

It’s been a rough week. They’ve all been rough if I’m honest, but this one, a lot of late nights and email inbox fighting. But I made it, and I’ll keep making it until I’ve drawn this year to a close and begin the next. Is 2021 going to be better? No, not really. There’s so much to untangle and so little I can realistically do to deal with that in advance. But I do have a lighter note to finish on.

I recently celebrated 2Y1K, the second anniversary of this strange little experiment that became my whole life. And, after doing the maths and some careful guesstimation, it appears that I should finish the entirity of The Service to Ore series on or about the 27th of September, 2022 – otherwise known as 4Y1K. That’d be pretty neat, and a chance to begin to write while new stories and adventures. Not the end of 1K of course, but the end of an era, one that today I am over half way towards. That’s cool.