November 19th, 2020 – 785

I really need to start writing earlier in the day. It’s a pretty late day in all senses, not least working late, but I’m gonna try and cut that out long term rather than make extra hours the norm. I also need to cut out drinking pre-target, it makes focusing harder especially when I’m tired.

I keep diving into Graveyard Keeper in the evenings rather than writing first. That has to change. It’s not sustainable and I can always play a little later. I think realistically the fact my social life has made 10pm bedtime impractical is why everything has shifted so much, a change I’m less than thrilled about. I can at least say my prose seems to have weathered the fug.

November 19th. In-universe it’s a significant day, the start of something huge in fact. It’s always a strange day for me, given it’s links to both the real and fictional worlds. I just remain thankful I didn’t make like the multiverse and break today, not yet at least.