November 18th, 2020 – 784

Man counting words by hand takes a while. It’s satisfying, but it’s also a pain when it’s late at night and you just want to sleep. I knew I’d banked target – in the end 1,150 words so I smashed it in my view – but I only count it when I’ve, well, counted it. That’s a butchered sentence if ever I’ve written one, and I assure you dear imaginary reader I’ve written far more than one.

Tomorrow TWO will hit 10,000 words, a huge milestone and also where I like to seed my catalyst moment. That way on the rewrite I can trim from the beginning and naturally bring that moment to the 8-9k mark. So all in all I feel good, except, well I actually don’t quite know what the catalyst is going to be. I guess I’ll have to mull that tomorrow while finishing the painstaking task of emptying my email inbox.

Also, I’m about to edit the final chapter of TSS, and I think now I’ve reread it I can say it’s my favourite of my stories. I like all of them – excluding The Wanderer – but somehow that one just feels, on point, naturally more polished by virtue of the sheer number of rewrites. So to be honest, I might be rereading that for fun tomorrow. I mean, the main reason I write these is so I can read them. That’s kinda weird isn’t it?