November 8th, 2020 – 774

The sprint finally materialised. To be fair, I wrote 2,600+ words, so it actually ended up that I wanted more in the epilogue than I first planned, and 3K~ is normal for ‘Sprint to the Finish’ for me. Overall, I feel the story needs work but the heart is there, and it’s a great part of the overarching narrative. I think after TWO I’ll have more idea what I want to add to TWR.

So we’re entering an interesting time now. For the first time since July 2019, I’ll be doing 1K by hand, as I have a journal I set aside years ago for the story and want to use. This will be a huge change for me, but not a bad one necessarily. After all I used to believe handwriting the first draft added value. While it definitely does, I have come to since realise said value is a little warped by how much you end up using the handwritten version. This will be an experiment if nothing else.

I managed to get a few days of my bullet journal backlog cleared, and I’m about to sit down to do some more. Once that’s up to date, I’ll feel a lot more in control and able to rebuild than I do in the midst of this mental health lul. It’s taking a while to get my head on straight, but I’m grateful I have the tools to rebuild with; in days gone by, I entered these ruts with nothing but vague hope it would get better. Hope is powerful, but tools are so much better.