November 4th, 2020 – 770

Again, keeping this brief: looks like I still got it, in that I correctly predicted the states again, and depending on the final margins in Pennsylvania (I predicted Biden) and Arizona (I predicted Trump narrow with Biden performing below the senate race) and including the popular vote margin, I was spot on. I’ll dig out and post a screenshot of the timestamp on my prediction if I get around to it, but after getting it wrong in 2016 I’m chuffed to appear to be right this time. Not really commenting on the politics side of it, just the results, though I suppose those are one in the same this year if you speak to some.

So TWR is now at 81,183 words. I didn’t sprint to the finish on election night because I was too engrossed to be blunt. But a thousand words – and another thousand today – are nothing to sniff at, and I’m on track for a November 8th finish. I put my soft deadline as November 15th so pipping that by a week is a good feeling. The story itself is, dire. It needs so much work and I think all I can do is take some time away from it. The good news is technically this one could be released any time during the series, as it doesn’t have much of anything that a later book would spoil. But I’ll aim to release it after TFS all the same.

Foot is still wretched. Work queue is backed up but I’m taking back control, and all in all, lockdown 2.0 will suck, but I’ll make the best of it. And hey, as wrong as it is to say this when the future of someone’s country is in turmoil potentially, at least I’ve got plenty of entertainment stateside. It’s a lot easier to enjoy an election when you’re not working 16 hour days campaigning on it and it has nothing to do with you. Ish. Just stay safe, my 0.1% of American imaginary readers.