November 2nd, 2020 – 768

A very busy day, but a productive one too. I used my air fryer for the first time to make some onion bjahees and they came out divine. Gotta be honest, I may need to do an air fryed Mars bar. Buuuut not yet. I’ve posted my election prediction to my local Discord, and I am not posting it here because I try to keep politics off of here – with some success. Also I got 4 states and the winner wrong last time – rust belt plus Florida – and I do not trust myself to get it right. I got each state in 2012 right, but I am not expecting a repeat of that, like ever again; I’m no Nate Silver.

The Whispering Rail is nearing completion now. I haven’t written yet today but I’m about to, and the story sits at near-enough 78K. I guessed 85K would be the finishing line, so technically if I sprinted to the finish I could get it done tomorrow whilst watching the returns. I find that incredibly unlikely, and to be frank I am not sure I want to rush this ending. I know how it ends, and I am pretty sure how the ending until then plays out, but I think it’s best I take it slow and think about it. Or I’ll stay up till 4am tonight and just do it now.

…I’m not doing that.