October 28th, 2020 – 763

Yesterday I did achieve another milestone I don’t think I mentioned: I rowed for the first time in eight days. That was, a mistake. My foot is in agony right now and I’m trying to ignore the ‘shifting’ feelings inside of it. That about sums up where my head is at right now. Target is still coming out like sludge, and I sat down to give it my full focus at 5pm. That’s just not good enough, it shouldn’t take more than 90 minutes at worst; at my best it takes less than a third of that to knock out a thousand words. So yeah, I hate working from home. It sucks that I don’t see a viable way to go back into the office on this foot on Monday though.

This book is far from my best work, but right now I just want to try and capture some of the magic as I bring it to a close. After all, I do love the story and the characters. I just need the spark again.