October 27th, 2020 – 762

One year ago today, I started a chain within 1K. I can write whatever I feel like to hit target, and prior to that date, I wrote story content about 60% of days, and a mix of short stories, editing top-up and miscellaneous bits and pieces like synopsis. Early in 1K it was closer to about 45-50% efficiency, and the rest was often made up of what I called “Extra Ideas”. Think a stream of consciousness mesh of this blog, story ideas, random angry thoughts and whatever else entered my head. I did 57 of those in the end, including one each day after the end of my last relationship on December 27th. Since January 20th, 2018, I’ve not done a single one, and this blog ended up assimilating the functionality.

As I got further into 1K, my ‘efficiency’ has grown at a rate I scarce dreamt of in the early days. That I’m now averaging 1,100 a day, plus editing a whole chapter of a previous story, blogging and journalling every single day is miraculous to me. Yet even as I allow for that inevitable growth, I have to also remember that “1K is Enough”, that all these extra trappings that came since, the journal (day 4), the blog (day 133) and even the editing (day 726) could all go away tomorrow, and as long as I wrote my thousand, that would be enough. All the same, to be able to say I wrote at least 1K of a novel every single day for a year is a new and humbling achievement. I hope this chain persists for a long while to come.