October 23rd, 2020 – 758

At some point in the next two days, I will get TWR to hit 70,000 words. This is pretty cool, as previously discussed it makes the novel ‘novel length, but there is a big caveat. I am quite sure I am going to be cutting a lot of this book in the rewrite. I like he characters, the setting, and the premise. I like the present day, and I like the characters’ chemistry. What I am far less sure of is the pace at which information should be drip-fed to my protagonists, and what I want a final confrontation to look like.

The good news is I wouldn’t be uploading this story for at least a year on my old schedule, so if I stick to that then I’ve got plenty of time. The bad news is that while that may be true, I am still in a bind where it comes to upping my Wattys exposure with multiple new entries each year. That will become even more key when I can no longer enter some of my older stories, assuming they keep moving the current cut off point of 2017 forwards, which would in two years if a steady increase annex TUS from my entries into the void.

Ok that’s hyperbole, but you get my frustrations. I do not feel uploading a sub-par product is the right move, and I do have my editing plan which should help out a lot, but the fact I won’t be serialising WAN means I lose a whole book from my backlog.

…Which is a roundabout way of coming back to NaNoWriMo. Yes, this again. I am still against the idea of piling more work on myself, particularly as I am in a state of ‘functional burnout’ at present, despite some holiday. Adding an extra 1,700 words to my blog (200~), journal (350~), and 1K itself (1,100~) means I am close enough doubling the length of my daily requirements, even if I do also feel that the condensed nature of the novel would help, as well as no emotional links to a wider series.

I would select A Planet Named George if I was to write anything for NaNoWriMo, and just serialise it as I go on WattPad, in the hopes that the algorithms wouldn’t punish me for that. If I view it as a bit of fun that couldn’t hurt to add to my catalogue, then it sounds appealing. If I remember that 1K+ more or less gave me a chest infection I got so run down, it becomes, less appealing. Jury’s out. I need to sleep on it. Actually given I pulled an all nighter to watch the debate, I just need to sleep.