October 21st, 2020 – 756

Good news! The swelling continues to go down, so the odds of this being a fracture are close to zero. That is an IMMENSE relief, as you can imagine given I live on the 5th floor of my building. I just needed to catch a break and not having a break will do for now.

I’ve gotten to 66k in TWR now, so we inch ever closer to what could be called the ‘novel threshold’. 70k is about the minimum new sci-fi should aspire to and about 10k short of what general fiction starts at. The story is zipping along nicely and I even think I’ve managed to eek out a decent break-into-third-act model. This book is not my cleanest first draft but it’s ended up coming out a lot better than expected.

See that’s the funny thing. This is the book I had the least concept in mind going into. I knew it would flip between a short present-timeframe and a longer past one, but aside from that and it’s key cast, I didn’t really have much going in. I did once write an abridged version of it, but that was back at the start of 1K and well, this is day 756 I’m a bit further along now and stuff’s changed. For all that, I’m happy with how it’s shaping up.

Another later night isn’t great, and it is making me a little more stressed and reducing my sleep, but honestly given what happened on Monday I’m amazed I’m holding together as well as I am. I keep getting these images in my head of my ankle snapping that make me flinch something bad, but truth is aside from being back on my walking stick and WFH, not much has changed. Business as usual.