October 12th, 2020 – 747

Had a bad day again. I did stick to my guns on emails I received over my annual leave and though I likely will still get to them as a courtesy gesture, I focused on actual and significant tasks instead. Those tasks however were, not great. Not hard, but long and intensive, and I drained my batteries to empty by 5pm without having written. I’ve plonked out 1,000 words of acceptable prose, but only after an evening of being curled in a ball. It’s just the readjustment to routine again, I know this, but man do I hate first days back.

The funny part is, it’s not a dislike of the job, just the in-flux routine. I find time off stressful for the exact same if inverse reason, and it’s why in an ideal world I would spend my days off in the at home office for a good portion of the day, just to maintain a sense of order. I slept in way too much for that to be viable in my week off, even if it was pretty much me catching up on a year of lost sleep. I’m sure I’ll feel a little better tomorrow, but in the meantime I just hope I can sleep again tonight. Managed my first pre-11pm drop off in quite a while yesterday, and I’d quite like to chain those if at all possible.

On a side note, I’ve been thinking about the next novel, The Way Out, which I believe I have mentioned in the past is the third in the core trilogy (TUS, TSS, TWO, and yes I recognise the quirk with the third book’s initials), and that it has had a journal waiting for me to write it in for the last 7 years. What I haven’t mentioned before, mostly because I only thought of this yesterday, is that I could in theory write the book by hand and type it at the same time, perhaps even doing 500 in paper, 500 on screen if I want to maintain 1K as my baseline. That, or I could alternate, handwrite one day, type the next. This is going to be the last book potentially I handwrite for a while, so it could be a useful excuse to experiment.

One to sleep on. Speaking of, night.