October 9th, 2020 – 744

The flat is nice and spotless now. I took about 6 hours for a top to bottle m reorganise and clean, and feel for the first time in weeks like I’m back in control of my little world again. Moreover, I wrote in the morning so that I could take my time and get it right, and still get an early night.

With a little bit of luck I should fall asleep before midnight today, hopefully re-establishing this as the norm going forwards. Is the occasional late night a bad thing? Not really, but including last night where I just missed out on it, 37/44 days being late nights does not make for a happy head. Doesn’t make for bountiful prose either, so may that continue to trend upwards.

All that to come, and a plan for some new book covers too. But for now, time to not pass out, but actually sleep for once.