October 8th, 2020 – 743

Wordcounts are trickling back up again, which is good, but I still hope I’ll be back to my old 1,100 a day average soon. I tend to round down the wordcounts I track to incentivise grabbing an extra 20 words here and there to hit a round number and not have to round down. As it is, I’ve banked an extra 750 words on my tracker over a thousand a day, so my average is 1,093 for this month. The dream would be a +1,200 average, because that’s 38,000~ words a month, or if you factor in sprinting to the finish, the cusp of a novel every two months. That’s also so doable right now, if I can manage my basic needs.

Which brings me to sleep. I worked it out now I have my bullet journal all up to date and the relevant data filtered, and I’ve had a grand total of 7 times in the last 43 days that I’ve gotten to bed before 11pm. Yes I know, massive square, but to be blunt earlier to bed, earlier to wake, earlier to write. And when I write early, I’m more likely to squeeze a bit more in later. I have other goals in life sure, but every part of my life has to be focused on getting more writing done, getting better at it and telling better stories. If you were building a gaming rig and had an unlimited budget, you wouldn’t cheap out on a decent fan would you? I need that cooldown, and it’s free.

It’s funny that I’m working to fix sleep as my priority this year of 1K. I was so sure I’d spend months trying to figure out editing, and then ended up fixing that by accident when I wasn’t thinking about it. Life has felt a lot like a video game of late, where you have hurdles and bosses to overcome like the lockdown and the Wanderer, but you level up and gain new skills without explicitly training for them. I just gained levels in Editor without planning on it. Kinda makes me want to play around with some form of gamification again, but right now, I think I’d be better served if I just went to bed…