October 4th, 2020 – 739

I’m a strange one when it comes to pleasant if busy days. Objectively speaking, I had a lovely day, and I got to see my family in a safe way, had some nice food, and all in all a relaxed chill time. I watched JoJo Rabbit and really liked it, and I wrote a really good scene for TWR that fills a gap in the plot I had struggled for ideas to fill. And I even edited a thousand words out of TSS for good measure, getting Chapter 1 ready for prime time tomorrow. And yet, for all that, I feel burned out. I think it’s proof if needed that this week ahead has to be one of doing as little as possible.

Editing a little every day has morphed into editing a chapter of something each day, and to be honest I am ok with that. It works as a warm up for 1K, and I would be happy for that to become the minimum in time. I’m reticent to set minimums just yet or ever though, as I do have to preserve my bedrock ‘1K is Enough’ principle. It sounds anal to do so, but the above paragraph goes to show how little it takes to overwhelm me, and I do need to ensure I don’t overload my creative capacity. It’s a muscle, I’m strengthen it over time, and that’s a gradual and careful process.

Also, this is unrelated to all matters of writing, but I found out I might be able to get new lenses for my glasses today, so I am kinda hype for that. I was sad about the idea of having to get new frames when I like my current ones, but fingers crossed I should be able to. I just hope I don’t get met with upselling jargon I can’t surmount.