October 2nd, 2020 – 737

It is kind of inevitable when I take some time off that my routine starts to slide a bit. That is the Faustian bargain I make for taking some recharge time away from the work desk, but I can live with a few later nights. 4am, is pushing that. I actually wrote a lot sooner than that yesterday, but I stayed up working on a cover for TSS so that it had something vaguely passable to go live with, and chatted with friends, and played Among Us – which I can now classify myself as an addict to.

So yeah that was a mistake. I slept until 12pm, and even then I didn’t get a full 8 hours. I gave into buying in take out when I told myself I wasn’t going to do that, and as of right now I still have not written. So yeah, great. But what can you do? It’s a holiday, and if I didn’t mess around now when would I? So I’ll write soon, probably stay up late again, and then stat trying to ease the eggs back into the cups over the weekend in time to get cracking on Monday.

I am a mess.