October 1st, 2020 – 736

I could feel myself almost getting ill yesterday. I went to bed with a splitting headache and could feel those tell-tale tendrils that tell you ‘headache’ isn’t the word you’re looking for. Thankfully, 13 hours of sleep later and a little bit out of sorts, I awoke without the migraine that I dreaded might be coming for me. I spent the day doing absolutely nothing, which does mean I’m cramming target at the last minute but hey, it’s not like I have to be up early for quite a while now. I’m going to make the most of that, if also trying to ensure my sleep doesn’t go totally out of the window.

Another thing I’m having to cram is the launch for The Spectrum Sings tomorrow. The story itself is getting the final crossing of the i’s and dotting of the t’s alongside 1K, with me focusing on a chapter each day before I do target. There’s just one crucial detail I’m missing: a cover. With everything so full on since, my memory doesn’t go back far enough to remember when it wasn’t, I haven’t made or commissioned a cover. My cover designer for Unreachable is still working on VOL’s cover, and I designed that and WHT’s; can you tell? Suffice to say that I do not have the greatest graphic design skills.

Of course I could do a fresh commission for a cover, but then you’re getting into the thorny treading on people’s toes territory, and the designer of Unreachable’s was quite insistent. So I’m a little stuck while I wait for that to become unstuck. It’s a barrier I’ll have to overcome somehow.