September 29th, 2020 – 734

I’ve booked off the first 11 days of October. That’s my first real break since, 2019, so yeah I needed it. I am, so freaking tired, but I’m smiling. I had a wonderful day at work, getting through a ton of tasks and leaving an almost empty queue in time for some leave. More, I feel I got some meaningful work done in this time too, which is always a good feeling. It’s nice to feel like what I’m doing will make a real difference.

I edited the prologue of TSS today after hitting a thousand words of TSS, adding up to a total of 1,100 words. I’m not going to clock the incidentals though, so it’s just a 1K day, and that’s ok because 1K is Enough. Still, it would be nice if this holiday sees me start to rack up more impressive numbers in the 1,200 range. Not vital but I do miss that. I also have not submitted anything today, but I am ok with that. Editing each day is enough for now, and I am tracking send offs too, so I will try and get that number up.

Getting there slowly.