September 27th, 2020 – 732

2Y1K. I don’t think it’s normal to have your own “holiday” but I don’t care either way. Tomorrow is booked off as I’m following the Bank Holiday principle – next available day. I actually got a lot of writing done today and did it all ages ago, I’ve just been on Among Us since about 5pm.

I edited all of Volcano, which was quite a feat. It could probably still use work but it’s at the point like with Unreachable and soon Taft, where it’s up to critiques to spot the issues. That’s a good place to be, and I cannot wait to see if I can get WHT there tomorrow too. On top of that, another 1,250 words of TWR in the bag make that project feel a lot rosier.

September is going to be one of my weakest months since I started doing story content every day, but it’s been a good showing for all that. I find that like levelling up in a video game I’m gaining new small skill boosts as I go, but daily wordcount isn’t like that. The skills I gain are willpower to write sooner, to edit, to do more extra content, and to submit work. That’s worth more than an extra hundred a day ever would be.

It’s been, a horrible year. The second year of 1K almost broke me, but 1K is also the reason my sanity stayed in tact long enough to weather the storm. I do think a second wave will lock us down again, but while the toll will be horrible, I think I’m as ready as I could be for it. I just hope I’m wrong on its inevitably.

What does year 3 hold? Well, my guess is I’m going to start sending off a lot more work, and that my goal of “the year of editing” is coming to fruition already. Only time will tell, but I’m optimistic. Here’s to two years, and hopefully many, many more.